While thrilled to be surrounded by bush and birds, some may recall our first blog about the caretakers cottage being “damp as a dish cloth” and it finally got to us.

Last winter was the last straw, just too cold and too much sickness. Tony, who works from home, was especially over it and I feel his pain! I personally had been over the fortnightly de-moulding of the bathroom for some time not to mention the damp wardrobes.

One of the spare rooms had transitioned out of being the music room to just the mould room, and our old leather couch had to be rehomed after being cleaned for the third time.  Considerable investment is needed to bring this old lady home some dry bones, so enough is enough for us. It has been six great years but it’s time to move to a modern, warm, dry home.

but, it wasn’t all bad! we have 6 years of memories to take with us.

Finding the right spot

Basic parameters were: a place for our chickens and goats, 2 dogs and one 9 year old son to free range in. Bush was compulsory, a stream ideal, and all within commuting distance to Wellington please. And of course, within budget. Easy!?! Suffice to say, we’d been looking for a while.


Lesson #1

for us to share is to explore and expect the unexpected. We found an exceptionally well-priced section on the right side of the Rimutaka’s.

The catch was it was inside a gated community. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can understand that this works really well for many. But for me, I struggle to shake my prejudiced image of The Stepford Wives, and find the whole idea a bit terrifying. Nevertheless, we were trying to convince ourselves it could work (remember….a well priced section) until we saw the body corporate rules. No chickens, definitely no goats, and a whole lot of rules and potential for body corporate politics we really can live without. No gated community for us.

But, through this we did make contact with a fabulous agent (recommending Lesley Grant of Professionals) who connected us with a new rural/lifestyle development. When the rain finally subsided and we could get to site, after looking past four of the sections (too flat, too steep, too much wind, not enough trees) we found our block. We just knew it the second we saw it. When something feels absolutely right the feeling is hard to explain. Thoroughly mutual, and just – well – Right. We deliberated for a couple more months (it was more than we could really afford…a theme to be continued), and then decided to go for it and put a deposit down, noting our lawyers wry warning that we essentially owned nothing as it didn’t exist until it had a Title – 5 months off even then.

And now the games really begin! Next step….finding a house design.

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