Modern Square Decal Envelope – 4 decal pack – (Sold Out – On Backorder)

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Each year billions of birds worldwide are killed by window strike. This includes New Zealand’s native birds like kererū, tui, silvereye, morepork, shining cuckoo and kingfisher.
WindowAlert decals can help prevent birds from accidentally striking windows. Each decal has a special coating that reflects ultraviolet sunlight. This ultraviolet light is invisible to humans, but birds see it as a brilliant glow much like a brakelight.

Actual image of kererū window strike

To the human eye, the decals appear as frosted or etched glass. The Modern Square decals measure approximately 3.5″ across, and are designed to be placed on the OUTSIDE of a window. As a rough guide, we recommend one decal for every m2 section of glass. Reapply decals every 12 months.


x4 Decals per Envelope. Each decal is approximately 3.5 inches across. TYPE: Static cling.
When you make your decal selection below you will also have a chance to make a donation towards kererū rehabilitation – read more below…

What else can I do to help?

Project Kererū is a dedicated kererū rehabilitation centre and is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. Like Kererū Discovery, Project Kererū is also a Non-Profit Conservation Project. Based in Dunedin, Nik Hurring started Project Kererū for the sole purpose of saving kererū. Over the past 25 years Nik has saved thousands of kererū that have been brought to her with various injuries or orphaned from the nest. Once the injuries are known, Nik provides around the clock care to the kererū until they well enough to be released back to the wild.

Photo by: Nik Hurring – Project Kererū

100% of your kind donations will go to the Project Kererū centre to help with the cost in caring for injured and orphaned kererū.

Photo by: Nik Hurring – Project Kererū

Helpful links:

Some links below to find out more about kererū and why they are so important to New Zealand’s forests.



Modern Square Decal Envelope – 4 decal pack + Donation (optional)

(Sold Out – On Backorder)

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